Rev. Gramma

Bio: Until May of 2014 my email address was alaskapreacher; now it's revgramma. I have retired. After over sixteen years of serving as pastor in a formerly Native (Tlingit Indian) village of the Southeast Alaskan temperate rainforest, I'm off on a new adventure in mostly hot and dry Arizona. But hey ... there's a monsoon season! I'm an ordained minister; a wife, mother, and grandma; and I'm a writer. Ministers by profession seldom really retire. They just find new opportunities to do ministry. I love being Gramma, and adding it to my list of titles has opened up a whole new dimension to my life, with its unique responsibilities and joys. And besides over a thousand-some sermons to my name, what I really like best is writing little inspirational nuggets, like I did for a number of years in a popular column for a little newspaper in Alaska. I enjoy the challenge of getting the point across without being "preachy". I’m someone who looks at the world and sees God in the ordinary, everyday people and things around me, and in the surprising blessings that come my way with such perfect timing. Some people call it coincidence or serendipity. I call it "That God Thing".

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