Re-arranging the Christmas Scene


There they stood … the cow, the camel and the sheep, the shepherds and the Wise Men, the Angel … and even Mary and Joseph … all lined up before the Baby Jesus in a straight line, as if ready for inspection. I’d eventually rearrange them back into their traditional places in the stable, clustered around the manger, only to find them the next day all lined up again.

Our older daughter, no more than a toddler then, had been making a practice of taking all of the figures from the Nativity display and re-arranging them in a long, straight row in front of the Baby Jesus, who had somehow left the stable in his manger bed to lie there front and center before the row of admirers. When I finally asked about the purpose of this daily re-arrangement, she replied quite matter-of-factly …

“So they can all SEE him.”

And now isn’t that the Point?

That we can see Him in our Christmas activities, in our gift buying, our caroling … in the midst of the lights and the shopping frenzy. That we can see HIM beyond “Jingle Bells” and dreaming of a “White Christmas”, and the seasonal movies about snowmen, reindeer, and Christmas romance.

One Christmas Eve of my childhood, arriving home from the church Christmas Program, I was sure that I heard the Angels singing as we approached our back door. Could it have been that same Angel Choir that sang to the shepherds in the field that first Christmas? Or was it just the Chorus of Sisters of Divine Savior Hospital, singing beyond the wall that divided that building from our back yard?

Perhaps it didn’t matter.

Because if we listen carefully, maybe we can still hear those Angels today in this troubled world of ours saying, “Do NOT be afraid. I bring you good news of GREAT JOY that will be for ALL the people.”

“TODAY … a Savior has been born … to YOU.”

And though these words were said over 2,000 years ago, they still apply. Christmas is not just a “once a year thing” … or a “one time and place thing”. The Good News of Great Joy on that first Christmas was for ALL time.

So be sure to take the time to look for HIM amidst the clutter of this Christmas Season. And maybe even re-arrange a few things to make sure that HE can be seen.


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