The Paper Tree








I didn’t want to carry those boxes of Christmas ball ornaments up the stairs again, unwrap their contents one by one and hunt for their little wire hangers. I do still love that assortment of sturdy glass balls of maroon, cream, and gold that I purchased in small, medium and large a few years ago when that fragile haphazard old collection had lost its luster.

But I just wanted to do something different this time … something easier.

So my first thought was paper. Yes, paper … and the sturdy bright kind in shades of Lunar Blue, Solar Yellow, Terra Green, Cosmic Orange, and Fireball Fuchsia. And yes, I just happened to have a pack of a brand called Astrobrights in my desk. Forget all of the other ornaments … though pretty, special, or authentic Native American. Let’s just keep it simple this time. Simple?

And thus began my obsession.

In the midst of ordering gifts, wrapping and mailing, Christmas letters and cards, Christmas parties, concerts and church events — I have somehow found the time to cut out strips of pretty paper, twist them around in any old way with no real plan in mind, and loop them onto my “Paper Tree”. They’ve mysteriously turned out to be rather attractive. And my various shapes and sizes of colorful paper chains are a joy for my eyes to behold!

Maybe we could just call it therapy in a busy season. Maybe we should call it a strange use of time. Or maybe we could even call it a “God Thing”.

The Rest of the Story:

Shortly after my first long paper chain was in process, a friend who had just returned from (of all places) Bangkok dropped in. She had been gone a few weeks during which we had no contact, so I was surprised to find out she had brought something back for me all the way from Thailand.

It was paper Christmas ornaments.


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