When Life is Like Dirty Dishes



The best automatic dishwashers I’ve ever had were my two daughters. And they are now grown up and gone. My husband has been known to wash a dish or two, especially before I return from a trip out of town. But with only two people left in our household, it’s amazing how many dishes we can go through in a few days!

But I happen to like doing dishes by hand. You can start with a sink full of dirty plates and cups, pots and pans, scrub them, run hot water over them, and end up with a shiny clean result.

Too bad that life isn’t always that satisfying!

No matter how hard we work at our problems and try to clean up our lives, we just can’t seem to stay squeaky clean for long. But if we don’t tackle those messes we’ve made, they soon pile up on us like a precariously–stacked mountain of dirty dishes in a drain rack, and we can no longer ignore their presence. That’s when it’s good to know there’s something we can count on, even when we’ve worn out all the dish rags with our efforts.

Though we may have to take a second look through the clutter of life we’ve stuffed away somewhere, we’ll find that God is always there like a good scrub sponge, ready to help us remove those baked-on messes we’ve made for ourselves. And no matter how many messes we continue to make or scrubbings it takes, He will be there to help us start over again with a clean plate.

And that’s as much a fact of life as dirty dishes!